Friday Favorites 8/26

Favorite Things I Bought: My Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale purchases are beginning to roll in and I am OBSESSED with everything so far!

Friday Favorites | Life, Love, and Cupcakes

I even wore one of the dresses to work today because I just love it so much! I bought this one totally on a whim and honestly didn’t think I loved the print, but then it came in and I realized it’s gorgeous, and has seashells! Don’t know how I missed that! <3

Friday Favorites | Life, Love, and CupcakesI’m

Favorite Thing I Ate: A coworker who lives down on Fort Myers Beach brought in cinnamon rolls from Heavenly Biscuit earlier this week. Heavenly Biscuit is one of my very favorite breakfast spots in Southwest Florida, but it’s very out of the way for us, so we don’t make it there very often. Their cinnamon rolls are pretty much the best ever. Day. Made.

Friday Favorites | Life, Love, and Cupcakes

PUMPKINNN: I’m so happy that pumpkin everything season is almost here! I already picked up this DW Homes candle at Homegoods and am loving burning in the evenings!

Friday Favorites | Life, Love, and Cupcakes
Around the House: In my last Friday Favorites post I mentioned that we were rug shopping and I was having a lot of trouble making a decision. I finally bit the bullet and decided to get the Maui Chunky Loop Jute Rug and so far we love it!! The look is exactly what I was hoping for! I don’t know yet how it will hold up, but based on the great reviews, I’m very hopeful! And Charlie loves it too! Plus he blends right in, which is perrrrfect for shedding…

Friday Favorites | Life, Love, and Cupcakes

Happy Friday!! Hope you have all had a fabulous week!

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