A Tourist for a Day

Today the boyfriend and I decided we wanted to head down to Fort Myers Beach and essentially be tourists for the day. It was way to cold to actually lay out on the beach, but we grabbed some coffee and walked the beach, and all over the northern end of the island. We did a LOT of walking, but really enjoyed visiting places we had always kind of always overlooked.

We even took silly face in hole pictures..
There are brightly painted adirondack chairs all over the island, so of course I had to take a picture with one!
We saw them preparing a historic pirate ship to set out:
And we had a pretty freakin delicious seafood lunch! I went with the Mahi Mahi tacos!
Do you ever take days to do touristy things in your own city? We had a lot of fun visiting places we often overlook and stopping to take silly tourist pictures!

2 thoughts on “A Tourist for a Day

  1. Portuguese Prepster

    Those tacos look delish! I’m from right outside of DC so I love to play tourist with friends all the time! Or now I’ve visited my boyfriend in NYC so much I don’t feel like a tourist anymore and have started playing one!


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