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DIY Scrapbook Paper Tile Coasters

Now that I’ve started upgrading to big girl furniture, taking care of it all has become even more important. I didn’t spend all this time looking for the right coffee table, only to have it ruined by water rings! I quickly realized that half decent looking coasters are harder to find than you would think! Of course there are the Anthro agate coasters that everyone lusts after, but I can’t imagine spending that much for four measly coasters..even if they are gorgeous! So of course I turned to Pinterest and found these fun DIY scrapbook paper tile coasters.

DIY Scrapbook Paper Tile Coasters | Life, Love, and Cupcakes

Every time I stop at Papersource, this Beer Run wrapping paper would catch my eye, and I would rack my brain trying to think of something I could make with it. As soon as I saw this tutorial for DIY scrapbook paper tile coasters, I knew it would be PERFECT. I wanted to do 5 with that and 5 with something else, so I grabbed this super cute goldfish paper. I love that you can see the fish when you look down the glass. So fun!

DIY Scrapbook Paper Tile Coasters | Life, Love, and Cupcakes

There are a ton of similar DIY tile coasters on Pinterest, but I really like that these have a very shiny finish when done! Hot coffee does tend to stick just a teeny¬†bit, but for beer and cocktails they’re perfect! My only other advice when following the directions is to cover them while they dry. I didn’t plan ahead and just assumed it would be fine…now I have a teeny tiny fly forever preserved on the surface of one of my coaster. OOPS!

DIY Scrapbook Paper Tile Coasters | Life, Love, and Cupcakes

I absolutely love how these turned out! Although 10 coasters is more than plenty, I’m still tempted to make more with all of the cute scrapbook and wrapping papers I come across at Michael’s, Homegoods, etc. I think they’d be adorable with a mongram right before the modge podge. Maybe I’ll start cranking some out now to give as Christmas gifts!

Here’s the DIY Scrapbook Paper Tile Coaster tutorial…let me know if you make them!