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What I’m Loving Wednesday

It’s WILW, which of course means the week is halfway over..yayyyy!!!

Last week I bought some Clif ZBars at Sam’s Club because I need a little snack in the morning to hold me over from my 5:30am breakfast to lunch…and these things are PERFECT!! All 3 flavors in the multi-box are delicious and make a great snack. I always have one in my purse now!

2013-02-20 19.33.15-1I didn’t think I’d like the Iced Oatmeal Cookie, but it is SO good!


Switching directions a bit here: I tried the Brownie Batter Doughnut from Dunkin Donuts the other day. Bad choice really, because now I can’t help but think about how many calories I need to burn if I want another one..2013-02-18 06.38.08-1 

J.Crew Factory Printed Pocket Skirt. This style of skirt isn’t usually the most flattering on me, but I’m a total sucker for anchors that I just might have to give in! Plus you can get 25% off today with the code MOREPLEASE..honestly I think the only thing holding me back is the fact that it doesn’t ship til March 15 🙁

jcrew anchors

Is there any print your a total sucker for, such as me and my anchors?

WILW aka My Target Obsession…

I had high hopes for today, since it’s my day off and I really just wanted to relax and enjoy it. But then this morning I got a rather disappointing email that put me in a bad mood…can you guess what that means?? Shopping! Thankfully Target pulled through for me today and put me in a better mood (doesn’t it always??)  🙂

boots After loving it last year, Paul and I bought the Country Music Megaticket for West Palm Beach again for the summer. It’s basically a package of tickets to 8 awesome concerts from March to of course I was quite excited to find these boots on sale for just 25 bucks! Even if I only wear them to concerts, I’ll definitely be getting my money’s worth!!

2013-02-06 21.40.18 Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea..I could never find this in December, but spotted it on a random shelf with a clearance sticker on it! It soooo good with a little bit of almond milk!!

2013-02-06 18.42.56Oh Martha, how I love thee <333

What I’m Loving Wednesday

Modern Family – I know I’m a little late on this one, but I just started watching the current season on hulu the other day and I’m now obsessed. It’s freaking hilarious! Of course now I need to go back and find all the previous seasons…
modern fam
Nivea Kiss of Berry Swirl – Picked one of these up the other day from the clearance bin for $1..tried it and loved it, so I had to go back for 2 more. I’m pretty picky about lip products, but I love how moisturizing this is and that it adds just a touch of color!
2013-01-30 19.22.47

Home Decor Pins – Paul and I have been looking at apartments recently, so of course I’ve turned to Pinterest for design interest…clearly nautical is going to be a bit of a theme lol.

8597478ac935cf2364bb5677791c4ed5 {via}

Anyone else a Modern Family fan? (or know where I can get the previous episode??)  🙂

What I’m Loving Wednesday

This Anchor Top from Target
I have a bad habit of wandering through the clothes section at Target and coming accross things I don’t need…but I think this was SO necessary!!

Lost Coast Strawberry Wheat
I tried this for the first time when we stopped into World of Beer a few days ago and it is SO good! I hope this sticks around for awhile because it would be perfect for a hot sunny day!

My New Lilly Pulitzer Wedges
These came in the mail today and I’m obsesseddddd! I have a weakness for clothing with nautical details, so the seashell motif will fit right in!
Temple Citrus Grove Florida Orange Salad Dressing
I picked this up at a local citrus stand and it is ahhhh-mazing! I made a salad with chicken, clementines, and dried cranberries, and this was the perfect way to top it off! Plus it’s local!
Downton Abbey Season 2
No, I don’t mean Season 3, I haven’t quite gotten there yet! I watched the first season on Netflix a few months ago, but of course Season 2 wasn’t available then. Now that everyone is talking about the third season I feel out of the loop, so I gave in and got HuluPlus to watch….I might even finish the season before the free week trial is over! 😉
Did you watch the Season Premiere of Downton Abbey?