Friday Favorite 3/25

In the Kitchen- I didn’t do much cooking this week, but I’m looking forward to hosting Easter Brunch this weekend (see yesterday’s post if you need recipe ideas!). I think the thing I’m most looking forward to (besides the mimosa bar) is coconut cream pie! We tried some at a local restaurant last week and were soooooo disappointed, so this one better be good!

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Lilly Pulitzer Tassel Necklace- I first saw this a couple weeks ago and of course loved it because, duh, pineapples + Lilly. Then, two days ago I find out they’re sold out EVERYWHERE!! How did that happen so fast?! So imagine my surprise when I go into The Pink Pineapple and spot it..of course I had to have it! I guess if your store name has pineapple in the name, you probably ordered a few extra 😉

Things I Didn’t Buy- I also tried on a few things while I was there and loved this dress, but left it behind….for now. It’s definitely on my wishlist though, I love this print, and don’t have enough blues and greens in my closet!

Favorite Outfit- This was my first time wearing this top since picking it up at Clothes Mentor a few months ago. I was a bit hesitant to buy it at first because it’s a LOT of print, but it was a great price, great fit, and 100% silk so I decided to risk it. I ended up loving it with white jeans for Brunch on Sunday! I might have gotten a few more looks than usual when we went to Lowe’s after though haha!

Charlie Picture- My friend Lia told me about the Aviary app the other day, and I had way too much fun making a few pictures with Charlie on there. I think sombrero Charlie might be my favorite though 😀

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

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