Friday Favorites 2/19

In the Kitchen: Thursday night I got home and had. to. make. brownies. We were out of flour, but I had almond flour, so I turned to my favorite place for baking recipes: King Arthur Flour. OMG are they good. Even if you aren’t gluten free, these Almond Flour Brownies are DELICIOUS. Fudgy, but not too fudgy. Perfect crackly top. And don’t forget a sprinkling of chocolate chips!

On the Internet: Adele chowing down on wheat grass at Jamba Juice, need I say more?

Wine: Every few weeks Costco changes up their wines specials and I always pick up a couple to try. I wish I had gotten a few more bottles of this Montes Cabernet Sauvignon because it’s the perfect Cab for a chill night at home!

Things I bought this week: I’ve decided that for the remainder of February I would go on a retail spending freeze. To mix it up, I’ve been exploring some of the thrift and consigment stores near my office. My first week went pretty darn well…this might become a bit of an obsession!

Things I didn’t buy: I tend to go for the more classic, versatile looks when shopping for purses, but that doesn’t stop me from lusting over all of Kate Spades quirky bags. When would I use a dalmatian bag? Pretty much never. It’s just so fun though!

Dog Pic: Charlie will always be my favorite!

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