Friday Favorites 2/26

In the kitchen: A local grocery store has a huge produce sale on the last Thursday of every month with some awesome deals, but of course we can never make it. My husband knew he was going to be in the area this time around, so I made him a “wishlist” of things (apparently things run out). Well it turns out he managed to get most of my list, so I’m definitely going to be busy finding uses for all of this! The pineapples will go in the dehydrator for dried pineapple, which we’re both obsessed with! The cauliflower will be made into cauliflower rice and frozen to have on hand. I think I’m most excited for those two artichokes, it’s one of my favorite vegetables, but not something we buy to decide what to do with them!!

Produce from Life, Love, and Cupcakes

Thing I bought: I’m so obsessed with these Jack Rogers Chantel Flats. I’m a sucker for scallops, so I could not pass them up when I spotted them on Amazon for a steal!

Jack Rogers Chantel Flat

Thing I didn’t buy: I LOVE this print and the colors are so gorgeous that I am seriously tempted by this top, but let’s be honest..when am I ever going to wear a tasseled caftan?!

Lilly Pulitzer Caftan

Around the house: The vertical blinds in our living room were starting to fall, it was embarrassing how bad they were. Of course we didn’t want to take them down until we were ready to replace them, so we were kinda just making do. This past weekend we finally made the switch to curtains and wow, what a difference it makes! It really helps to bring the whole room together and make it feel warmer and more “homey.” Next up is our bedroom!

Living Room Curtains from Life, Love, and Cupcakes
Dog pic: He’s the cuddliest little nugget!

Charles Dog|Life, Love, and Cupcakes

Happy Friday!

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