Friday Favorites 3/11

In the Kitchen: This Boozy Thin Mint Milkshake is like heaven in a glass. I’ll be sharing the recipe next week, it’s perfect for St Patty’s Day!

Boozy Thin Mint Milkshake

Thing I Bought: I stopped into Goodwill to kill some time the other day and came out with this gorgeous Kate Spade for only 20 bucks!! It’s still in amazing shape and the style is classy and classic! Such an awesome fine!


Things I Want to Buy: I also found myself in J.Crew and I am OBSESSED with all the gingham!!! I seriously want it all! These shorts are at the top of my list, along with this amazing pom pom striped shirt (I promise I won’t wear them together, though).

Thing I Can’t Stop Eating: I am beyond obsessed with this Annie’s Smoky Tomato Salad Dressing. It’s so perfect along with a variety of salad toppings, and I just can’t get enough of it! I think I’ll have to try and re-create the recipe because the only place that sells it near me is the Whole Foods 30 minutes away 🙁

Annie's Smoky Tomato

Outfit I Wore This Week:  I try to share most of my outfits on Instagram throughout the week, and I think this was my favorite combo. I love mixing cobalt blue and black!

Charles Picture: Always have to end Friday on a high note! Could this lazy bum be any cuter?!


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