Friday Favorites 3/4

In the kitchen: I’ve been slowly growing my All-Clad collection and the 12″ skillet was next on my list. So imagine my surprise when I was browsing TJMaxx on my lunch break and found this bad boy on clearance! I have the Saute/Simmer Pan and love and use it ALL the time, but I know I’ll get a ton of use out of the skillet. I already used it twice this week, including for these artichokes, which went into the broiler right after this shot and came out amazing! Have I mentioned how much I love artichokes?!

Friday Favorite | Life, Love, and Cupcakes

Thing I shouldn’t be eating:  A coworker left these Girl Scout cookies on my desk…how could I say no?! They’re perfect fresh out of the freezer with a glass of wine 😉
Friday Favorite | Life, Love, and Cupcakes

Thing I bought: These shoes have been on my wishlist for years, ever since I passed them up when they were still in stores. I finally snagged a pair for a steal on eBay last week, and I am in love! The Lilly wedges are so comfortable and I can already picture a million outfits these will go with!

Friday Favorite | Life, Love, and Cupcakes

Thing I didn’t buy: Rebecca Minkoff bags have always been on the edge of my radar, but nothing I was particularly interested in. Until I saw this pink beauty at Nordstrom Rack. The color is perfection, but it’s definitely a bigger crossbody then I’m used to carrying. Unfortunately they didn’t have this color in the smaller version, so I passed it up…and have regretted it all week! Too bad that was that last one in it’s color, and I don’t live near the store! 🙁

Friday Favorite | Life, Love, and Cupcakes

Charles Picture: This is what happens when I try to do yoga at home. Little brat. 😛


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