Friday Favorites 9/23

It’s Fall Y’all!! Call me basic, but I LOVE all things fall! I got a little ahead of myself and have burning pumpkin candles for a few weeks now, but I waited until this week to stock up on all other things pumpkin. We may or may not have already gone through two loaves of pumpkin bread already…tis the season!

friday favorites | life, love, and cupcakes

All my new Lilly is finally here! The last of my Lilly purchases FINALLY came in. I was a bit disappointed with the turnaround time this year, but guess I’m lucky since some people got cancellations 🙁 Loving all the blues that came in the package!

friday favorites | life, love, and cupcakes

Just Added to the Shop: I’m totally obsessed with these Pineapple Mr and Mrs Wine Glasses…how cute are they?!?

friday favorites | life, love, and cupcakes

On the Internet:  Anyone else totally La Croix obsessed?! We got hooked while we were doing Whole30 and it’s a habit we haven’t been able to kick!

friday favorites | life, love, and cupcakes

My craft room is finally happening! I’ve always talked about a craft room, but it was never high up on the priority list. I’ve pretty much taken over the kitchen table with all my Etsy crafts lately though, so we decided it was TIME. It won’t be anything Pinterest worthy, I’m sure, but I’ll still share all the details! 😀

craft room goals | friday favorites life, love, and cupcakes

Anyone else as PUMPED for fall as me?? Gimme all the Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!

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