Goals for the Week

1. Get Back to my Training Plan – My knee has been bothering me so I took it easy last week, but I think I’m ready to get back out for a run…especially after all the chili cheese dip, crack bread, pulled pork, and rollo brownie bites last night!!
2. Keep my Shopping in Check – Last week I was really good and didn’t buy a single thing…until Thursday came and I got some exciting news that drove me to the outlets aka jcrew and banana republic…oh and of course Target. Really my goal for the week should just be to not go to Target!
3. Sort Through my Closet – I have a box of stuff that I’ve been meaning to sell for months, plus I’m sure there are plenty of things I can take to goodwill!!
4. READ – In my first post I mentioned my goal for the year to read 55 books…well I’m really failing at that since I didn’t finish a single book in January..reading is very relaxing for me, so I would really like to at least read about 1 chapter a day!
5. Go Meatless One Day This Week – I’ve seen a lot of good looking meatless recipes on pinterest and would really love to try some of these:

I’m hoping to make going meatless a weekly occurrence, and would love recipe recommendations!
What are you hoping to accomplish this week?

And to leave you with a little Super Bowl humor..

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