I’m Still Here!

I realized today that it has been a LONG time since I’ve posted on here…oops! It’s been a busy, busy time with some big changes…

I Moved! My boyfriend and I finally moved in together! We’ve been taking our time getting settled in and have a long list of things we still need as well as changes we want to make. One thing we’ve both really enjoyed is the fact that we actually get to see each other every evening and enjoy dinner together. We’ve had a lot of fun making up weekly menus and cooking together at night. We even bought a houseplant last week, which means we REALLY live there, right?? 2013-06-29 20.13.06-1

The label described it as a “Plant of Steel”…definitely sounded right up my alley since I seem to have a bit of a black thumb.

I got a promotion! It has required a LOT of learning on my part, some of which I’ve really had to figure out on my own, but I’ve really been enjoying it so far! Plus I love that I no longer have to wear a uniform, so I get to have a bit of fun picking out a work wardrobe 😉

My kitchen got a little more colorful.. My boyfriend said he’d get me a Kitchenaid if I got the promotion…and I did!!! It was perfect timing since this beauty went on sale at Target right after. So far I’ve made pretzel rolls, cookies, key lime pie, and pizza dough…and I have a TON of recipes bookmarked for the future that I plan on sharing!2013-06-11 19.53.43-2

If you have any favorite recipes that you use your stand mixer to make, please share! It’s time to put it to work!

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