Instagram Recap {Week 2}

Monday was my mom’s birthday, so the night before I baked a little cake for us to share and a sheet cake to have with friends that were both from this Texas Sheet Cake recipe, as well as chocolate cupcake for her to bring to her student! So. Much. Chocolate! (But at least it didn’t stick around the house!)
 We found this adorable little Unicorn at work, so we named it Sparkles and it’s our newest little coworker

New favorite nighttime treat…Whole Fruit Sorbet topped with fruit! 
Much healthier than ice cream, but just as delicious!
 We had some gorgeous fruit platters set up for a group at working and I just couldn’t pass up the leftovers as a morning snack. How cool is the carrot butterfly?!?!

I wandered into Kohl’s the other day and couldn’t pass up these adorable Lauren Conrad earrings for under $10 a piece! I had been wanting seahorse earrings as well as a pair of silver starfish but only ever see them for around $30, so this was perrrrrfect!!
Thursday my feed filled up with “Throwback Thursday” pictures, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon with this Easter Sunday picture…I don’t think my thoughts on family pictures have changed much since LOL.
On Saturday we went fishing (and we didn’t mean to match..I got dressed first!), our first catches of the day were these little trout we pulled up at the same time. Last time we went fishing we didn’t catch a single fish and I don’t think we even had any bites…this time we were pulling them up one after the other!
I also couldn’t pass up a fish kiss picture with one I caught later in the day!
Hope everyone else had a fabulous week as well! If you have an Instagram, feel free to share your link, I would love to follow you!

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  1. SHF

    I love your new starfish earrings – they’re so cute! I also think its hilarious that you two accidentally matched the other day.



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