Wine and Painting – A Match Made in Heaven

I’ve never been much of an artist. Everyone else in my family seems to have a natural talent for sketching, paint, or watercolors…me not so much. So when some of my coworkers wanted to go to a local painting studio, I was a little unsure what to expect. Turns out it was one of the best girl’s nights I’ve had in a long time!

The studio near us allows you to bring your own wine or beer, and during a three hour session they talking you through a certain painting. Even for someone with little talent, it was EASY!

2013-07-27 18.15.15-1

Plus everything is laid out for you and ready to go AND there is no clean-up! I can’t wait to hang mine on the wall somewhere!

2013-07-27 21.14.08

The whole concept seems to have become really popular, because I’ve noticed other studios popping up in the area. I highly recommend seeing if their is anything similar near’s the perfect girl’s night out and you have a new piece of art! I’m already planning my trip back, because it’s addicting!

Have you ever done something similar in your hometown?

3 thoughts on “Wine and Painting – A Match Made in Heaven

  1. Todd @ HonestlyYUM

    They do something similar at a bar here in San Francisco, except they cover the walls and everyone paints together on the wall – like a big giant mural. When they run out of room they just paint over it and keep going. They sell drinks at the event as well. Super fun!!


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